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Gas Station Guru

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  • Client: BP
  • Territory: US

We knew from research that a clean gas station had a 10% uplift in sales over a dirty station. Our challenge was to find a way to teach gas station attendants good practice in an engaging way without disrupting their day to day work.

Our solution was to make a mobile game that helped people learn during small pockets of down time in their daily routines. It had to be visually appealing, have lightweight interactions, work on all modern devices and be quick to download

We settled on isometric projection as a way of creating a convincing, coherent visual design that was at once recognizable yet non-brand specific.

This was refined by adding subtle lighting effects.

Image iso
Image interior

We storyboarded the interactions and based the game around views of a number of different areas of a typical gas station.

Image Gas Station
Picture used with permission. © 2016 BP America Inc. All rights reserved