Duck or Rabbit?

What’s that all about? Wittgenstein’s high-falutin’ thought experiment about bi-stabile objects tried to demonstrate how it was impossible to conceive of two things simultaneously, but that’s exactly why it’s a great symbol for us.

A duck and a rabbitA duck and a rabbit
A duck and a rabbitA duck and a rabbit

We’re not just a design agency or a technology partner, we’re both. It depends how you see us - if you see a we're a design agency, if you see a you need medical help. But seriously, what we do is

To say we’re well established is a typically English understatement. We have 28 years’ continuous experience in digital design and development.

We’re based in London's Soho, and we’re determined to stay small so we can react quickly and do things larger organisations find impossible.

Our approach is adaptable, user-centred, design-focused and agile, which helps our clients deliver fresh perspectives and bold plans.